Sensing WATER (2015), a weather-responsive, interactive artwork uses light and paintto define the downtown gateway at Highway 87 and San Fernando St. The project is composed of two elements: the massive painted sloped wall painted with a flowing water pattern and overhead evening lighting that illuminates with rippling patterns that light the underpass. The project uses real-time NOAA weather data to compose different patterns of light on the ceiling. (e.g.: 0-5mph winds vs thunderstorms).

Niantic Inc. has integrated Sensing WATER into the immersive real-world mobile game Ingress as an in-game “portal.” Players of the two in-game factions can alter the color of the art piece and virtually battle for control of the portal.

Artist: Dan Corson

Partners: San Jose Public Art, San Jose Downtown Association, Niantic, Inc.

Courtesy of Dan Corson – Project Page