The arts and cultural activities are crucial in defining community life. Creative Placemaking uses public art and cultural events to help transform communities. Barbara Goldstein & Associates assists cities, towns, public agencies and private developers to build artful places to live, work and play.

“Designing a dream city is easy; rebuilding a living one takes imagination.” ~ Jane Jacobs

Did you ever wonder what makes a certain place great and make you want to linger or return there?
People feel comfortable in places where they can interact with each other in safe, beautiful and engaging environments.  Art, culture and design provide people with a common experience they can enjoy without understanding each other’s language.  Creative placemaking helps people to build such places. Creative places may feature food, visual art, design or performance. Whatever their special qualities, they stimulate the mind and senses, provide comfort and promote dialogue. We engage people in conversations and actions that help them build memorable places with creativity at the core.

Through years of experience, we have formulated effective creative placemaking programs using the following approach:
• Defining place-based communities and their distinctive qualities;
• Outlining the goals that the strategic partners and communities are striving to achieve;
• Offering a variety of creative art-based solutions to reach these goals;
• Evaluating successful completion of project goals.

The process addresses community needs, environmental impact and economic growth.

Input and participation from the community are essential to the success of the project. Dialogue is an opportunity for residents to join together and take part in the transformation of their communities. The results instill a sense of ownership and pride, which in turn inspires a sense of unity and strength.

We consider preserving and enhancing historical structures and natural surroundings. Renovation can help keep development costs down, conserve natural resources and help reduce carbon emissions.

Successful public art programs can attract visitors and businesses resulting in economic growth within a community.